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High Tech Care with Your Dentist in Kansas City, MO

  • Posted on: Apr 26 2017
  • By:

Technology has made just about every aspect of your life better, faster, and easier. You can manage your whole life from anywhere in the world with just your phone, and cars continue to use less and less fuel while going farther than ever. Fortunately, this progress has also touched modern-day dentistry. The newest technology enables Dr Anderson to diagnose you faster, treat you painlessly, and provide you an overall more positive experience. Here are just a few of the tools

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Invisalign Success Stories: How Long It Takes and What You Can Expect

  • Posted on: Apr 20 2017
  • By:

Invisalign is an innovative system that uses clear aligners to move your misaligned teeth into a healthy, attractive position. In the past, you had to choose between living with crooked, improperly spaced teeth or wearing metal braces for several years to correct the problem. In response to so many patients wishing for a less invasive solution, the Invisalign system was created. Invisalign uses virtually invisible alignment trays to gradually move your teeth into a better position. Despite the potential improvements to the look of

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Oral Care for the Aging

  • Posted on: Apr 18 2017
  • By:

Maintaining dental health is important at any age. But as you get older, your teeth and gums can become weaker, causing your teeth to fall out. While many people assume that losing their teeth is just a consequence of aging, proper care of your teeth and gums can actually help you keep your teeth. Proper oral hygiene is even more important for older individuals. In order to keep your teeth healthy as you get older, here are a few things

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  • Posted on: Apr 17 2017
  • By:

If the sonorous chorus of a loved one’s snoring has you at your wit’s end, rather than burying your face in your pillow and lambasting them in the morning for their motorcycle muffler cacophony, you may wish to suggest they see the doctor instead. Frequent snoring, particularly when punctuated by moments of “interrupted” snoring, can be signs of a potentially life threatening condition called sleep apnea. It is a serious concern worthy of both your attention, and that of your

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Adult Braces – No Kidding

  • Posted on: Apr 10 2017
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A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. – Phyllis Diller Are you one of the millions of adults looking for ways to improve your physical appearance? Are you considering braces? If so, join the crowd. According to the American Association of Orthodontists the number of Americans 18 and older getting braces or some other teeth-straightening treatment jumped 58 percent, to 1.1 million from 680,000 annually from 1994 to 2010. In 2010, adults accounted for 22 percent of orthodontic

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Is Chocolate Good for Your Teeth?

  • Posted on: Apr 7 2017
  • By:

You’ve been told time and time again – stay away from sugar and sweets if you want to have a healthy, beautiful smile. But does this rule always apply? Could there actually be some sweet treats that are healthy for your smile? There are a few reasons to believe that chocolate may actually be good for your teeth. But before you start consuming dozens of chocolate bars hoping to increase your oral health, let’s take a look at the reasons

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