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Is Cosmetic Dentist Right for You?

Updated: May 6, 2021

A Cosmetic Dentist focuses on dentistry mainly concerned with looks. That’s not to say that cosmetic dentistry doesn’t include anything practical—dental crowns fall under this umbrella, but they do have practical purposes. But is cosmetic dentistry right for you? Here are a few things to consider.

Are You in Pain?

If you have any type of pain in your tooth or gums, you need something more than just cosmetic dentistry. You may need a filling, a root canal, an extraction, or something even more serious. It all depends on what the problem is. Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t do anything to stop pain, so it’s not right in these cases.

You’re Embarrassed by Your Smile

On the other hand, if you find that you don’t smile very much because of a broken tooth, discolored teeth, or silver fillings that really stand out, you may want to look at the different cosmetic dentistry options.

The first is tooth whitening. You’ve likely seen these kits at the store, but professional whitening takes the process to a whole new level. That’s because dentists have access to stronger whitening chemicals and can also create whitening trays from molds of your mouth. That will make the trays fit much better, making them more effective at whitening your teeth.

Another cosmetic denture option is lumineers. Dental lumineers are a type of veneer that is actually attached to the front of your teeth. They can hide any chips or blemishes, giving you a gorgeous smile. They’re a great option for those who have worn teeth or other embarrassing spots, but don’t actually need those teeth extracted.

For those who have cavities, there are tooth-colored fillings that make it very difficult for others to tell that you ever had a cavity. Cover one of these with a crown and your mouth will look very natural. Crowns, while technically cosmetic dentistry, are sometimes necessary to keep your filling in place and to make it easier to bite and chew.

Want to Know Your Options?

If you’re interested in having cosmetic dentistry or want to know more about your options, contact James R. Anderson, DDS, today.

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