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Oral Cancer Screening with Sapphire Plus

Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection 

Why do I need an Oral Cancer Screening?

When it comes to oral cancer, early detection is imperative. Screening through a general dentist, like Dr. Anderson, is an effective way to discover oral cancer at an early stage, when the disease is highly treatable and curable. Although most oral cancers are found in people who use tobacco and/or drink alcohol excessively, 25% of oral cancers occur in people who have no risk factors at all.

Oral cancer is a serious condition that affects approximately 40,000 Americans annually and claims approximately 8,000 people per  year in the United States. That is approximately one fatality per hour due to oral cancer in the U.S.!

Traditional screening for oral cancer and other suspicious lesions in the oral cavity is done with the naked eye and by feeling the tissue for abnormalities. In our practice, this is done first by our excellent hygienist  and then by Dr. Anderson. But research has consistently shown that some pre-malignant  and malignant lesions cannot be detected using these methods alone. As a result, we introduced a proven technology several years ago to allow us to more effectively screen for these serious conditions.

How does the Sapphire Plus work?

The Sapphire Plus system works by projecting a safe but focused blue light into the oral cavity.  The light excites certain types of tissue present in the mouth. Abnormal tissue, which includes pre-malignant and cancerous cells, will appear differently than normal tissue.

Oral Cancer Detection with Sapphire Plus 

Your dentist could very well be your number one soldier in the fight against oral cancer. Statistics show in about 10 percent of patients, dentist notice a problem area even before the patient notices. With Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection, Dr. Anderson can even detect lesions before they produce irritation, pain, or symptoms that may cause you concern. So see Dr Anderson for regular dental visits and oral screenings with Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection. It’s completely comfortable , takes just minutes, and could save your life.

When should I get an Oral Cancer Screening?

We utilize the Sapphire Plus screening system during regular recall visits (dental cleanings). It is a critical part of our comprehensive oral cancer screening. We will use it if we see questionable areas, if you are at a higher risk for oral cancer, or in some cases just on  a routine basis. Feel free to ask either Tracy or Dr. Anderson about it at one of your next visits.

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