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Pregnancy and Oral Health

When you are expecting, you know that big changes are coming your way in the next nine months. Expecting families usually have a lot on their minds; unfortunately, oral health is scarcely one of the things they are thinking about. This is because, most people assume that oral health and pregnancy are in no way related; however, they are more related than you would think.  Changes in hormone levels increase the risk of oral health issues, including gum disease and small round raised areas on the gums known as pregnancy tumors. Therefore, while you wait for your little one to arrive, take keen interest in the following factors about your oral health.

The Hormone Changes Your Body Is Experiencing Can Impact Your Oral Health

Another condition you may experience during this magical time is pregnancy tumors. Though the name may seem scary, the tumors are typically not malignant. They are growths that commonly form in the mouth during the second trimester of pregnancy. They look like little raspberries that form between the teeth. Often, the tumors vanish after the baby is born; however, if they start causing you discomfort, you could always ask your dentist to remove them.

The Best Time To See A Dentist

When visiting your dentist, ensure that you inform him or her that you are pregnant; this is because he or she may need to adjust the type of treatment or medication required such as postponing surgery. The second trimester is the ideal time for minor dental procedures such as fillings and professional cleanings. Unlike what most people believe, it is perfectly safe to get a teeth cleaning and dental X-rays while you are pregnant.

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