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Restorative Technique – Veneering

After prep, the restoration is viewed from both the facial and incisal angles to ensure that the proper prep is achieved and all margins are completely hidden without breaking the contact. Application of etchant and bonding agent is then followed by the addition of a microhybrid or nanofill composite to start sub-opaquing the underlying tooth color. (Note if the restoration is very dark you will need to add a small amount of Creative Color Pink Opaque to the darkened area before the addition of composite to neutralize the dark stains.) Composite material is polymerized and then overlayed with Renamel Microfill Composite (the enamel layer). The microfill composite should be in the same shade as your nanofill or hybrid composite for predictable results. The restoration is sculpted, contoured and shaped and then polymerized for 60 seconds. The illustrated technique takes you through contouring, finishing and polishing.


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