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Things You Can’t Hide from Your Dentist

When you go to the dentist, you can safely assume that they are assessing your teeth, gums and overall oral health, but dentists can also see much, much more just by looking in your mouth and examining you a bit. Dr. James R. Anderson is a cosmetic dentist in Kansas City, MO who is committed to continuing education for both himself and his staff; he attends dental lectures, meetings, and dental conventions to stay informed of new techniques, products and equipment in order to provide state-of-the-art dental care.

We all know that general dental hygiene is a top priority, but forgetting to brush immediately before the dentist or overindulging in some garlic parmesan fries aren’t the only things that lead to bad breath. Did you know that bad breath can indicate digestive problems or something even more serious? Dr. Anderson can determine if he needs to refer you to another health specialist, such as a gastroenterologist upon examining you.

A woman’s mouth oftentimes can indicate pregnancy: due to the increase in the hormone progesterone, a woman may develop gingivitis. Another oral cue for pregnancy cue are pyogenic granuloma, a red lump on the gums which is commonly referred to as a “pregnancy tumor.”

Many people develop sinus infections in their lifetime. Due to the closeness of the sinuses and the roots of the teeth on the top section of your mouth, it’s common for patients to think their pain is a toothache rather than sinus related.

Diabetic patients sometimes present with oral issues, such as swelling and bleeding if their sugar level are not regulated. Standard halitosis is “bad breath” but if your breath is more on the fruity or fishy side, then it could be a sign of related complications from diabetes that is not controlled.

Drink a lot? In this case we’re referring to alcohol and sugary drinks like soda and gatorade. These beverages weaken your tooth enamel, making you more prone to cavities and chipping. And if your flossing session right before your appointment is the first time you have flossed in awhile, then you definitely won’t pull one over on your dentist. The gums of irregular flossers will be visibly irritated, so the dentist will take a likely guess at the cause.

Contact the Kansas City, MO cosmetic dentistry office of Dr. Jim Anderson, D.D.S. and our staff will work with you to determine your dental needs. We make every effort to respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours.

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