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Top Dental Questions Part 1

Going to the dentist can feel scary or overwhelming. If you don’t know what to expect, visiting the dentist can be a nervewracking task.

Having some of your questions answered before your dentist visit can help you feel more prepared for your next appointment. Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions to help calm your nerves.

1. Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

If it is your first appointment with Dr. Anderson, you’ll want to come prepared with your dental insurance card, an identification card, a health history form, HIPAA consent form, and any other forms that may be applicable to your situation.

If you call ahead, Dr. Anderson and his team can let you know where you can find these forms.

2. What dental products should I be using?

It’s always important to brush your teeth twice a day with the right toothpaste and a soft-bristle toothbrush. Look for a toothpaste that contains fluoride, as this will provide you with additional dental health benefits.

You’ll also want to floss at least once a day. Try to brush every night before you go to bed.

3. Do I need an electric toothbrush?

It isn’t necessary to use an electric toothbrush. However, an electric toothbrush can help perfect your technique and ensure you’re brushing for the appropriate amount of time. Electric toothbrushes can also be helpful for children learning proper brushing skills.

4. How often should I be visiting the dentist?

It’s recommended that most individuals visit their dentist every 6 months. This can help remove plaque and keep your teeth and mouth clean and healthy. However, if you’re prone to cavities or struggle to maintain your oral hygiene, you may want to visit the dentist more frequently.

5. How soon should children start visiting the dentist?

Children should have their first dental exam before their first birthday, ideally around the 6-9 month mark. Seeing a dentist early can help prevent dental problems.

If you or a family member is ready for a dental check-up or cleaning, contact Dr. Anderson’s office to schedule an appointment. Give our Kansas City, MO cosmetic dentistry office a call at 816.454.3336 today.

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