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Treating Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity can make things like eating and drinking difficult and painful. With over 57% of the population suffering from sensitive teeth, this condition influences the lives of many individuals. However, with the right attention and care, sensitive teeth can be managed.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, here are a few things you can do to minimize pain and strengthen your teeth.

1. Avoid Acidic Drinks and Food

Foods that are full of sugar and acid can break down your enamel, making your teeth more sensitive. Avoiding candy, high-sugar carbs, acidic fruits, and soda can all reduce sensitivity in your mouth. Instead, reach for snacks that are low in both sugar and acid.

2. Stop Whitening

A white smile is something many of us dream of. Unfortunately, too many bleaching products can break down your enamel and cause sensitivity. In most cases, tooth sensitivity caused by bleaching is only temporary. After a few weeks without any whitening products, your teeth should feel less sensitive.

3. Use the Right Products

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, you’ll want to use the right products to ease pain and ensure you’re not making the condition worse. You’ll want to pick up toothpaste specially formulated for sensitive teeth but may also want to see your dentist for fillings or sealants. Dr. Anderson can also provide you with additional medical-grade sensitivity products if necessary.

4. Fight Gum Disease

Gum disease can contribute to tooth sensitivity because it can cause your gums to pull back. When your gums expose your teeth roots, they can become extremely sensitive. In order to prevent gum disease from setting in, you shouldn’t smoke and you should take proper care of your teeth and gums.

Proper cleaning and care of your teeth is the first step in preventing and treating tooth sensitivity. If you’re unable to reduce the amount of tooth sensitivity you experience on your own, talk to Dr. Anderson about your experience.

To make an appointment for your next cleaning or to discuss tooth sensitivity further, contact our Kansas City Cosmetic Dentistry office at 816.454.3336. We can offer dentistry solutions for you and your entire family.

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