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Uses for floss-Day #2

Cut the cord.  If you ever find yourself in the delivery room and the doc has forgotten to bring something sharp to severe that umbilical cord, pull out some otherwise useless floss, wrap it around tight and….mazel tov, it’s a boy!!

Starting fires. Turns out that waxed floss burns pretty well. So whether you’re just trying to get that campfire going, need a makeshift fuse, or you’re burning effigies, floss has got your back.

Breaking out of prison. The health department wasn’t the first to rule floss as a no-no. The U.S. prison system doesn’t allow inmates to use floss, either, though for different reasons.  In the past, inmates have braided floss together to create cordage to scale walls, and have even been able to use it to saw through bars!

Fishing net. Struck on a deserted island with only a big wad of floss? Make it into a net! Floss has the tensile strength and durability to catch small to medium-sized fish. It could also be used as fishing line.

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