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Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is one of the types of cancer people don’t often look for. However, it can be just as deadly as other types of cancer, which is why it’s important to talk to your dentist about an oral cancer screening if you suspect something is wrong. The earlier you can seek treatment, the more likely it is you’ll make a full recovery. But what should you look for? Here are some of the early signs of oral cancer.

Pain or Numbness in Your Mouth

If you experience any pain or numbness in your mouth, you need to pay attention to it. In some cases, this pain is caused by something minor, such as eating something that scraped against the top or the side of your mouth. In other cases, though, it can be a sign of something much worse. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, so always pay attention to it.

Persistent Pain, Irritation, or Other Symptoms

If you have a sore throat, pain, or other issues that last for more than a few days, you need to call a dentist and be examined. It’s not normal for the pain to last that long from a minor issue. If you have dealt with a sore throat, irritation, or pain for weeks, you may be dealing with oral cancer or another serious condition.

Difficulty with a Common Task

If you’ve noticed difficulty in moving your jaw or tongue, or that it’s harder to swallow, chew, or even speak, you need to see a dentist as soon as you can. These changes are not normal and can be a warning sign of cancer or other serious neurological conditions.

You See Patches in Your Mouth

If you noticed white or red patches in your mouth, it’s important to have them looked at quickly. These patches may not be anything serious, but they could be an indication that something is very wrong.

Speak to an Expert

If you notice any of these warning signs of oral cancer or have a spot in your mouth or throat that is concerning, contact James R. Anderson, DDS, as soon as you can to schedule a consultation. The earlier oral cancer is detected, the more options you have.

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