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Weird and Interesting Facts About Teeth

Here are some weird and interesting facts about teeth which will make you a do double take after reading them.

  1. You will be delighted to know that you have access to a tooth brush. Because before the invention of the toothbrushes, people used different things and objects to clean their teeth. They used salt and chalk to remove the grime from their teeth. And people also put such substances that would balk you now. They used to make powder from eggshells and ox hooves. Some also used bones and crushed oyster.

  2. We only have two sets of teeth in our entire life. Permanent teeth and baby teeth. So once all your baby teeth have been replaced, you better keep a close eye to your permanent teeth or you would be looking like a lunatic if you don’t have any teeth unless you go to a dentist of course.

  3. A famous star – Brad Pitt; in order to appear edgier for his role in Fight Club went to the dentist to chip away his chompers.

  4. You have teeth when you are born. They are not visible at birth but they start to show up when a child reaches his 6th month. So yes your teeth came before you!

  5. The largest mammal on earth, the Blue Whale has no teeth!

  6. Each person’s mouth produces 25000 quarts of saliva in their life. If you were thinking of a pool party so…

  7. Colgate Palmolive arranged an event at San Salvador, El Salvador on November 5th, 2005. 13380 people attended this event and set a Guinness World of brushing teeth simultaneously.

  8. A majority of people use blue toothbrushes.

  9. Even the crocodile has his own toothbrush-the Crocodile Bird. This bird flies into the croc’s mouth and cleans its teeth. Well not twice a day but!

  10. Even teeth have value. And even they have auctions for the best bidding. Sir Isaacs tooth was sold for $3,633 which like in current terms is $35,700. And yes his tooth was set in a gold ring.

  11. Which side you use when you chew depends upon your guiding hand. If you are left handed, you will chew from the left side. If you are right handed you will chew using your right side.

  12. Tooth enamel is the hardest part of your body.

  13. Every tongue print is different from the other.

  14. The first commercial floss was manufactured in 1882.

  15. The earliest dentist, Hesi-Re lived 5000 years ago in Egypt.

  16. Two thirds of your tooth’s length is only visible. The one third is hidden inside your gums.

  17. Giraffes have no upper teeth. They just have lower teeth.

  18. Women smile 62 times a day while the men only 8 times.

  19. Dental plaque is made from over 300 different types of bacteria.

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