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Whiten Up: How to Get a Brighter Smile

Many people wish they had a whiter smile. Things like drinking coffee, tea, soda, or other typical behaviors can stain the teeth, causing them to appear dull or yellowed. However, with a whitening procedure, teeth can be brighter and more attractive. Check out our February whitening deal!

There are a number of teeth whitening options on the market. From toothpaste and at-home whitening strips, it can be confusing to know which will really work and which is just marketing.

If you’re serious about getting a whiter smile, you want to be smart about the procedure you select. Because certain processes can be damaging to your teeth or leave you feeling sensitive, you want to consider all your teeth whitening options.

Selecting a Teeth Whitening Treatment

As mentioned, there are a number of teeth whitening treatments available to you. While a toothpaste with a whitener in it is often the easiest way to add a whitening treatment to your daily routine, you may not get the results you’d hoped for. If you’re looking to seriously improve the shade of your teeth, you may need to select a more serious option.

Whitening strips purchased from the store are another option. However, these strips do not fully cover your teeth or may slip as you wear them. This can leave your teeth looking uneven or whiten only part of your teeth.

If you’re looking for an at-home solution for whitening your teeth, Dr. Anderson can fit you with a custom tooth tray and provide you with DIY whitening solution that helps you get the white smile you’ve always dreamed of. You can even use these trays on your commute to work or while you’re doing chores around the house.

For more extreme treatments, you may also want to consider veneers or crowns. These treatment options cover the discolored tooth, providing you with an immediate smile you’re ready to show off. However, this option is much more of an investment than traditional whitening treatments.

If you’re ready to talk to Dr. Anderson about your teeth whitening options, contact his Kansas City, MO cosmetic dentistry office at 816.454.3336. Dr. Anderson and his team can help you find the right teeth whitening option for you.

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