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Why Having Professional Teeth Whitening Is Better than At-Home Kits

Many people have spent a lot of money in pursuit of the perfect, gorgeous smile. All you have to do is go into any drug store and you’ll find a number of at-home teeth whitening kits that promise results. Many of these kits fall far short of the bright white teeth they promise. Fortunately, there’s another option: your dentist offers professional teeth whitening procedures that are much more effective than these at-home kits. Here are a few ways these procedures out-perform anything you’ll buy at the store.

It Uses Stronger Whitening Agents

The at-home kits available over the counter have limits on the type and strength of whitening agents they can include. That’s because some of these agents can be dangerous if you don’t use them correctly. Dentists are trained in how to use these agents, so they can apply stronger products to your teeth that make them whiter. They’re even able to whiten your teeth under the layer of enamel using these products. They may also use lasers or light applications to activate the products, giving you a pearly white smile right away.

It’s Safer and More Comfortable

Some at-home kits can cause gum irritation or actually hurt when using them. When you visit the dentist for a professional whitening, they will protect your gums from the whitening product and may even use a desensitizing gel to prevent any discomfort or irritation during the procedure. They will also carefully apply the product so that it doesn’t go all over your mouth.

The Tray Is Fit to Your Teeth

While you can come in to have your teeth whitened, many dentists also offer an at-home treatment. However, these treatments are customized to your teeth. One of the major issues with some of the cheaper at-home kits is that the trays they come with don’t fit right because they’re not customized for your mouth. That means some parts of your teeth don’t get exposed to the whitening agent, resulting in a splotchy look. Even those kits that have you create a mold of your mouth and mail it off for a tray may result in an ill-fitting tray. Having a mold and personalize whitening tray created by your dentist will ensure that the entire surface of each tooth is whitened.

Dr. Anderson Is Here to Help

If you’re interested in professional teeth whitening, Dr. James R. Anderson, DDS, is here to help. Contact Dr. Anderson’s office today to schedule a consultation.

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