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Worst Habits for Your Teeth

We all have at least a few bad habits. Whether it’s hitting the snooze button a few too many times or smoking cigarettes, bad habits can influence our lives in a few different ways.

However, certain bad habits can wreak havoc on our teeth. Here are some of the most common bad habits that may be impacting your smile:

  1. Drinking red wine: The deep red color from red wine can take a serious toll on your teeth’s enamel.

  2. Chewing pens and pencils: If you find yourself nibbling on the end of a pen or pencil as you work or study, you may be damaging your teeth.

  3. Drinking coffee and tea: Just like red wine, the dark color of coffee and tea can start to leave a mark on your teeth.

  4. Opting for sugary drinks: Soda and juice are a go-to beverage for many people. Unfortunately, the sugar can break down the tooth’s enamel, causing serious damage.

  5. Using your teeth to open packages: If you frequently use your teeth like a pair of scissors, you may end up chipping or cracking a tooth.

  6. Sucking on candy: Sugary candy and cough drops can leave a layer of sugar in your mouth, which eats away at your enamel.

  7. Grinding your teeth: If you grind your teeth when you’re stressed, you’re breaking down the enamel of your teeth. You’re also at risk for cracking or chipping a tooth.

  8. Piercing your tongue: Adding a tongue piercing can actually push your teeth, causing them to move out of line. Tongue rings can also contribute to gum disease.

  9. Not wearing a mouth guard: While mouth guards are common in certain sports, even low-impact sports can put you at risk for losing a tooth.

  10. Chewing ice cubes: If you find yourself biting at ice cubes from your drink, you may be damaging your teeth. Not only is the cold bad for your teeth, they are also too hard for your teeth to bite comfortably.

It’s important to eliminate bad habits that may be hurting your teeth. However, it’s also important to visit Dr. Anderson regularly. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, contact our Kansas City, MO office at 816.454.3336.

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